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Office Consultation


Fixed Fee $600 for Up to Two Hours


Appointments Available Monday through Friday, 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM


Payment Due 48 Hours In Advance Via Paypal


Meeting Locations Throughout Northern Virginia


All Details Coordinated Via Email After the Conflict of Interest Check


    Virginia divorce and family lawyer Ronald Robinson offers legal consultations where personalized Virginia legal advice for your individual situation will be given, not just general "legal information".   Mr. Robinson conducts the consultation, not an associate, assistant, paralegal, secretary or receptionist. There is no obligation to hire the Robinson Law Office after the consultation and you will not be presented with or asked to sign any such contract while at the office.  Topics normally covered during the consultation include: the facts of your situation, the law, court procedures, settlement options, probable outcomes or results based on your facts and the law, and expected total costs under different scenarios.


    ACTION: To arrange for an office consultation with Mr. Robinson, do the following:


  Complete the form, check the box, and electronically submit the Office Consultation Request Form below.  When the office receives your properly completed form, a conflict of interest check will be accomplished.  If there are no apparent conflicts, you will receive a conflict of interest clearance notice by email (normally within a few hours) along with specific scheduling information (available dates, times and locations). IMPORTANT:  DO NOT PROVIDE INFORMATION OR DETAILS NOT SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED BY THE FORM.  SUBMISSION OF THE FORM DOES NOT CREATE A RELATIONSHIP WITH, OR IMPOSE ANY OBLIGATIONS UPON, ATTORNEY RONALD ROBINSON OR THE ROBINSON LAW OFFICE PLLC.


Office Consultation Request Form



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Residential/Home Street Address (no Post Office or Drop Boxes):



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Zip Code


Virginia divorce and family lawyer Ronald Robinson is required to avoid possible conflicts of interest, therefore you must list and name all potential or actual opposing parties, whether they are entities (like corporations) or persons (like spouses or ex-spouses), in the space below. DO NOT PROVIDE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.  IF YOU PROVIDE ADDITIONAL OR UNREQUESTED INFORMATION, YOUR FORM WILL NOT BE REVIEWED OR PROCESSED.



          By placing a check in the preceding "check box," I am requesting a face-to-face consultation with Virginia divorce and family lawyer Ronald Robinson and I authorize him to communicate with me by email.  I have read and understand this entire Office Consultation web page. I have not provided more information on the Form than was specifically requested. The fee is $600 for a consultation of up to two hours. The fee is due via Paypal at least 48 hours in advance. I understand that legal services or advice of any kind AFTER the office consultation requires a separate, written contract. I understand that if I do not check the box, then the information on this Form will not be reviewed or processed.





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